The Medicine Ball Power Shot

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The Medicine Ball Power Shot

Posted 4/4/2015

We used a medicine ball often in training at Manchester United. It could be incorporated into many fitness routines as well as on its own, for example, side throws at the wall or throwing from above the head onto the floor for explosive power. It never ceased to amaze me the power that some of the guys at the club possessed, even in the backroom staff.

One day that I remember vividly was watching goalkeeper Ben Foster and physio John Davin in the main gym. Now this room had a very high ceiling and both guys were taking it in turns to hurl that medicine ball as high as they could to the top trying to hit the ceiling. Now Ben and John were two powerful guys and were using all their effort in getting that ball as high as they could.

Anyway, while watching the pair take turns hurling that ball, into the gym walked 5'11" Chris Eagles. Now this lad was a skinny is a pin, so as he watched Ben and John Heard in the medicine ball, he had the nerve to shout to them "I can do better. I can hit the roof!"

Well the lads scoffed, Ben being very annoyed that Chris had the audacity to suggest such a preposterous idea, adding that he would break his back if Chris didn't achieve what he had boasted he could do. Chris had to hit the ceiling!!

Well Chris went over, took hold of that 5KG medicine ball and hurled it up into the air, hitting the ceiling with a very loud resounding 'bang'.

John, Ben and myself were astounded that such a tall, skinny athlete could be so powerful as to be able to do what two well built powerful looking lads could not. Not only did I take great pleasure in reminding the pair of that day, I also took away a very valuable lesson, looks can be so deceiving.

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