Awoken By Hummingbirds

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Awoken By Hummingbirds

Posted 18/8/2015

It was in 2005, at christmas, I took a trip to Guatemala. It was here that meditation started to produce different thoughts and ideas for the production of training protocols for professional athletes. This became a life changing trip where things that didnt seem possible suddenly became thoughts of absolute necessity. jungle expeditions can be massively trans formative M C

I remember - we floated across the lake in the little boat, it was a strange stillness, just the sounds of the oars in the water splish splosh. As I looked behind to see how far we had come from the shore, the moon was about to descend behind the volcano and the light would be gone.

”your cabin is about half a mile up the path,  there is lighting to lead your way", a large key was handed to me, C777.

The back pack was beginning to feel heavy as I finally got to the door, I pushed the golden key in the lock, pressed the door open and there it was, THE BED, I hadn’t seen one for a couple of nights, slept in the airport on a bench the night before, then picked up the plane in the morning to Guatemala City.

The volcano “San Palos” floated above the trees looking at me like big brother! I fell into bed and ohhhh the beauty of it was immense, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


I jumped up with a  jolt!  We were close to the forest and I could hear so many animal noises it seemed like I was in darkest Africa. I could hear what sounded like a dog whimpering at the door, I could also hear a low growl of another animal close by.

After a few minutes I thought  I will have to go and have a look. I put some scant clothing on and opened the door, I peered out from within my cocoon, I could hear some rustling and faint whimpering again, but it was so dark!

Ok, like a fool I opened the door slowly and was ready in a whisper to close again if necessary, I tentatively stepped out and scanned quickly around, thought I saw something.....  leaned forward to see a little clearer...  then THUD!!

I had let go of the door and it sprang back into place and locked itself!!!


It was 3.00am in the morning and couldn’t get in my newly worshipped bed. My chin hit my chest and I shivered in the dark. WHAT CAN I DO ?????. I fumbled around until my eyes adjusted to the faint light from the path. To my surprise there was a hammock tied to a tree and a bracket on the cabin wall curled up like a snake. I uncoiled the hammock (snake), it was greasy and didn’t look like it had been used for years but I needed to lay my poor old body down and although I had never been in a hammock before I coiled up in it like I was the internal organs of an ancient reptile and very soon fell dreamily to sleep.

I woke again to a unfamiliar silence, cool waves of the wind passed over my semi-naked body, goose pimples pressed their way through my skin and I swear I could count every last one of them. As I caught the sunlight on the top of the volcano glistening in my eye there was a very unfamiliar sound again...  like,  errm, a low buzzing in my ears. I thought I was being scouted by a bee colony. Hey!! I’m stuck in this bloody hammock and cant move!!!!

Then I saw them .........

and you know I actually thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Growing from the cabin walls were some beautiful open flowers of amazing colours and for the first time in my life I saw 2 HUMMING BIRDS buzzing about from flower to flower feeding on the nectar from within.  As I saw them and all the colours of the flowers I realized why human beings have chosen wings to represent the incredible messengers of god, I was stunned, caught in my cage and helpless I had the most magnificent site probably I could ever see of floating birds in harmony around my head, so close that I could touch them but certainly never daring to.

I was captured to see the very miracle of what mother earth could present to us if we could only stop to enjoy it.


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