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Awoken By Hummingbirds

Posted 18/8/2015

It was in 2005, at christmas, I took a trip to Guatemala. It was here that meditation started to produce different thoughts and ideas for the production of training protocols for professional athletes. This became a life changing trip where things that didnt seem possible suddenly became thoughts of absolute necessity. jungle expeditions can be massively trans formative M C

I remember - we floated across the lake in the little boat, it was a strange stillness, just the sounds of the oars in the water splish splosh. As I looked behind to see how far we had come from the shore, the moon was about to descend behind the volcano and the light would be gone.

”your cabin is about half a mile up the path,  there is lighting to lead your way", a large key was handed to me, C777.

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The Medicine Ball Power Shot

Posted 4/4/2015

We used a medicine ball often in training at Manchester United. It could be incorporated into many fitness routines as well as on its own, for example, side throws at the wall or throwing from above the head onto the floor for explosive power. It never ceased to amaze me the power that some of the guys at the club possessed, even in the backroom staff.

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Power Excercises

Posted 10/3/2015

Rudd van Nilsteroy used to do some power exercises with his physio before he came to Manchester United. When he came to the club he showed me the exercises which I continued to use. Rudd was a big believer in one foot explosive movement for power and one of the exercises he did, I realised early on, would be very important.

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Training Intensity

Posted 10/3/2015

I worked with 8 athletes Sunday morning, all footballers, with the intention of increasing training intensity. We do the usual warm up,  activation/stretch, then start to increase loads. This can be speed load, strength load or power load, whilst manipulating the endurance aspects of the workout.

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History (Part 3)

Posted 3/3/2015

Just as Roy Keane was massive to my early development as a professional coach with our cup of tea and subsequent stabilisation of the Manchester United gym culture. Paul Scholes was a light that shone the way to understanding that physical athleticism was not the only key component that made you shine on the pitch along with the obvious skill of football.

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History (Part 2)

Posted 24/2/2015

So there I was, a full 10 years working with Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Japp Stam, Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, the Neviles, to name but a few. This was in conjunction with my own 2 boys Michael and Steven who also were players at the club during the same time.

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History (Part 1)

Posted 17/2/2015

I was asked to work at Manchester United F C in the year 2000 and when I got there it was a brand new training centre called Carrington. I had gone in to work with the under 18s to show the coaching staff the types of exercises I had been using in the Power Development training sessions in a lot of Manchester schools and colleges.

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Cristiano Ronaldo turns 30

Posted 5/2/2015

I had a preliminary chat with the guys at 5live about the interview this morning, it was quite interesting as the questions from people have now change from when Ronaldo first left united. I have done so many interviews now that it baffles me that there is still the interest in what I did and what I think of him.

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Darren Fletcher joins West Brom

Posted 2/2/2015

As a coach I've always looked to the athletes I've worked with to guide my ideas, and I owe an awful lot to Darren Fletcher for his guidance. Darren showed me that if we applied pressure on athletes under game situations in the right manner, then we can then make massive real gains in development.

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