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Improve Strength and Conditioning

Tips on improving Strength and ConditioningTips on improving Strength and ConditioningSunderland strength and conditioning coach Mike Clegg outlines a few coaching exercises that can help improve the physical development of young players.

1 - Master the Basics.
When coaches introduce strength and conditioning training to young players, say under 12 is 24 teams, they would be looking to help them master the basics. This could include showing them how to do a squat, a lunge, a small number of press ups or how to balance on one leg, for example, there should also be education on the importance of warm-ups and warm downs.

2 - Improve Posture.
A lot of kids play computer games, so that posture will quite often be hunched. Not only with this district plays movement but it could also cause an injury in the long term. If it's not addressed. Good fun exercises to elevate slouching children and those that involve climbing, such as pullups, chin-ups and even better, climbing monkey bars, ropes and walls a specific activity centres.

3 - Develop Balance.
At a young age, body awareness and balance are properly far more important to play yet and strength. Introduced training exercises that will hone these aspects, such as unilateral squats, where your players stand on 1 foot, with the other raised, gently lowering and raising their body by bending the knee. They should put their arms out in front for balance.

4 - Jump to It.
Plyometrics, also known as a jump training, exercises based around having muscles exert the maximum force in as short a time as possible. Simple exercises for children include books, jumps, bounds, skips, hurdles, side to side, jumps and hopscotch. Your players should work on their triple extension phase (extension of ankle, knee and hip) being as dynamic as possible.

5 - Work on Speed.
Agility and reaction at areas that can be worked on in training by your players, as these are two vital components needed for success in football. Basic exercises that can be used to help improve these factors in your young players include Sprint training with varying intensities, such as Sprint to jog and walk to Sprint, and sudden changes of direction.

6 - Use Lift Techniques.
When you're dealing with players under 16, they will be prepubescent pubescent and will be going through massive changes in bodily functions. Now is the time to use technique based lifts rather than weight shifting: players can use a broom stick, a dowel, or, at maximum 5KG bar. Overhead squats and snatch balances will create mobility, stability and improve posture.


Strength and Conditioning by Mike CleggStrength and Conditioning by Mike CleggMike's article appeared in Soccer coach weekly January 8th 2014

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