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Athletic Development
Myself and my children have been involved in the fitness industry for over three decades. Each one of us focusing on our own passion but the whole focus being on health and fitness in one way or another.
Myself and two of my sons, Mike and Steven, have had the extra privileged of working within the Premiership Football world as coaches, I worked at Manchester United 2000-2011 as Power Development Coach with some help from Steven in the later years, and Mike is the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Sunderland Football club where he still works.
Over the years we have all worked with such a varied array of different sporting people, as well as the everyday people who just want to either get fit, or to take up one of the sports as a past time, or even to competitive level. We have trained both privately and professionally, children just starting out up to the older or retired people who just want to keep their hand in.  Every single person, from whatever background is different.
Anyone can go to a gym and train, and do so correctly by taking an induction course (OSG induction is free). When taking on a new Personal Training client, be they someone off the street, or a professional athlete, the first thing to do is assess their fitness. Once this is established, then its a discussion to decide the forward plan and how to implement it. These fitness plans are devised to individual needs, based on the current height, weight, build, sport, position, age, health, injury status etc of the person with respect to their forward needs. Personal Training is a service that is paid for and in that way it is personal to each individual. As you can understand, this is why myself, the same as many others, we are unable to give any individual advice over the phone, or by email, text, via Facebook, Twitter etc.
This section is about generic training, either by some general fitness advice that will apply to most people, or some examples of some of the fitness plans based on what we have created over the years, as well as articles that have appeared in magazines, match day programmes etc. This will give you an idea of what is done with adolescents, or professional football players. This section will grow as we make available more items as time allows.
NOTE: What will NOT be made available is the training plan that I used for Cristiano Ronaldo. He was a unique case, far above and beyond others I have ever trained. Anything that I do reveal about his training will be through my blog which you can follow HERE

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