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Tom Martin Deadlift Record Holder

Tom trains and works alongside Mick as a Personal Trainer at the Elite lab


Tom Martin 350kg Deadlift World Record 771lbs

Records Held include:
The 83kg IPF deadlift World Record (345kg)
British total (835kg) and deadlift record (350kg)
British Junior total (802.5kg)
Deadlift record (350kg) which also unoficially broke the long standing World Junior Record held by Ed Coan.

November 2010 - British Universities Championships at Oxford
With a winning dead lift of 350kg he beat his own UK record, he then beat the European record with 342.5kg.
His 3rd lift of 350kg beat the 30 year old World Record.

Tom Martin - Deadlift Record HolderTom Martin - Deadlift Record Holder

Tom Martin - born 23 November 1987

Started in athletics at aged 11.
2008 Indoor Athletics Summary

8 out of 9 medals won including Silver at the British Universities Indoor Championships at Sheffield.
2008 Outdoor Athletics Summary
Due to reoccurring hamstring injury most of the outdoor season was spent in rehabilitation and preparing for the 2009 season.
Due to the persistent injury Tom was unable to stand for the Olympic trials in August.
2009 Indoor Athletics Summary

Won the BUSA |National Championship in Sheffield.
Due to the reoccurring injury Tom decided to withdraw from the rest of the summer season and seek medical advice of his injury.
It was at this point he decided to change his routine. Running was stopped while using weights at a gym to strengthen his areas of weakness. It was during this time he was introduced to Power Lifting.
By December 2009 he entered his first competition, the North West Regional Championship of the Great Britain Power Lifting Federation (GBPLF). He competed in  the 82.5kg Class  and won with a total of 640kg which included a 300kg Dead Lift.

February 2010 - British Junior Powerlifting Championship at Bournemouth University, Bournemouth.
Deep Knee Bend - 235kg
Press On Bench - 145kg
Two Hands Deadlift - 302.5kg
Total - 682.5kg
At a body-weight of 78.55kg

June 2010 - British Seniors Championships, at Hatchford Brook, Birmingham
Squat - 260kg
Bench Press - 157.5kg
Deadlift - 290kg
Total - 707.5kg
At a Body-weight of 80.6kg

2nd September 2010
Tom was selected for the GB team to go to Prague for the World Junior Championships. He was the only member to bring home a medal (Gold) for a 312.5kg Dead Lift which also took the British National Record which had stood for 28 years.

Great Britain Powerlifting Federation - British Record CertificateGreat Britain Powerlifting Federation - British Record Certificate

Competition Day
Tom shares his Competition experience from build-up to the actual lift on the day

Tom Martin - in his own words
Competition Report - British Championships

British Powerlifting championships 2011
Venue Address: Centre AT 7 Bell Green Road, Coventry CV6 7GP
Saturday 30th July 2011

5 days out
BW: 89kg
Target: 83kg

Start to gradually reduce carbs and overall food/water intake.
2 days out
BW: 86kg

All my training was finished by now, so I completely cut out carbs and drastically cut down on fluid intake.

1 day out
BW: 85kg

Completely cut out all food and water intake. Not feeling great! Started having very hot long baths to sweat out even more water. The dehydration was causing pretty sever stomach cramps by this point. Without any water, my body was struggling to digest any remaining food in my stomach. I was sick a few times, but started to feel better once my stomach was empty. Went to bed 83.8kg, expecting to easily drop another kg of water weight over night, and just creep under the weight class limit of 83kg.

 Competition day
BW: 83.7kg

Instead of my usual 1kg I lose overnight, I only lost 100 grams due to the state of dehydration I had been maintaining. This wasn't good... In order to try and drop more weight, I wrapped myself up in black bin bags underneath my clothes, and had the heating on full for the whole 2 hour drive down to the competition venue. To my surprise, I found that my skin was still very dry when I arrived, and I hadn't lost enough weight. I knew I had to weigh in as early as possible to stand the best chance of rehydrating before I had to begin the competition. This meant I didn't have much time at all to lose the extra weight, so feeling desperate, I took drastic measures and made myself sick. I weighed in at 82.8kg, and immediately started to rehydrate with water and electrolyte mixtures.

After about an hour, when I was starting to feel a little better, I began my warmup for the first lift, the squat, all the while continuing to eat and drink more water.

By the time I was ready to take my first attempt on the platform, I was thankfully feeling much stronger, and ready to go!

First Attempt:
290kg - 3 white lights. I squatted this very deep to give the refs an easy job! There was no

question, and I was now in the competition.

Second Attempt:
305kg - 3 white lights. This was a competition PB! It was a very tough lift, but again I sank

it very deep and there was no question at all, and no choice but to give me white lights!

Third Attempt:
310kg - no lift!

The weight proved to be just a bit too much on the day. My goal is to get this in my next competition!

On to bench press, my weakest of the 3 lifts.Tom Martin Deadlift compeition Tom Martin Deadlift compeition

First Attempt:
170kg - 3 white lights. This was difficult! The weight felt very heavy in my hands, and I was feeling really tired by this point.

Second Attempt:
180kg - exactly as above! I was lucky to complete this lift, it was right on the edge of what I was capable of today, but it was another competition PB!

Third Attempt:
185kg - no lift! It was close, but just stalled at lockout and I had nothing left in me to finish it off. Again, this is my goal for next competition!

On to the deadlift, my speciality!

First Attempt:
320kg - 3 white lights. This was very easy as it should be! Easy enough to give me the confidence to go for a big jump on my next attempt.

Second Attempt:
350kg - 3 white lights. This was a tough battle, with not much left in my at all! I chose this weight, because it was just enough to get me a total of 835kg, which would get me a new British Record! It would also beat my world record deadlift by 5kg, but would only count unoficially as you can only set a world record in an internation competition. The goal will be to do more than this at the World Championships though, and claim an even bigger world record!.

Third Attempt:
I decided to pass on this, as I felt I'd done enough work today, and there was nothing to gain by taking another attempt as I had already done enough to win the British championships while setting records on the way!

Definitely a successful day!


Tom Martin IPF Deadlift World Record Holder ! Hitting 300kg for 5 reps

Some of the many Deadlift medals Tom Martin has won over the yearsSome of the many Deadlift medals Tom Martin has won over the years

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