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Mike Eade - World Kickboxing Champion 2012

Mike Eade makes Kickboxing World Champion (-65K) 2012.Mike Eade makes Kickboxing World Champion (-65K) 2012.

Mike Eade has won his first World Title after his 9th World Championships
Gold – Michael Eade (ENG)
Silver – Jack Pearl (ENG)
Bronze  – Austin Bryant (USA)
Bronze  – Declan Bailey (ENG)

The W.K.C. competition, held in October in Canada, was Mike's 10th attempt at the title. This year he broke all expectations and in  a very tough competition this year, with some very hard opponents Mike finally stands on the number one spot on the podium.
Mike Eade says "This years preparation has been PERFECT."

Mike Eade Trains with Mick Clegg at the Fitlight Centre

Mike, who has a varied training routine, includes Mick Clegg's Olympic Sports Gym  Complex in Ashton-Under-Lyne utilising the advanced S.P.I. lab. Specialising in speed / reaction training, Mike went on to say "I would like to wholeheartedly thank Mick for his time, training and knowledge in helping me prepare for this competition"



Mike Eade



Mike Eade using the revolutionary fitLight™ Trainer Mike Eade using the revolutionary fitLight™ Trainer Mike Eade utilising The fitLight Trainer™ system.

This revolutionary piece of training equipment is a flexible wireless training system that can be adapted and configured for all sports.

It's the goal of improving hand/eye co-ordination, strength and conditioning, and controlled rehabilitation from injuries.

With the fitLight Trainer™ you can design any training profile/routine you require, regardless if the focus is on speed, strength, the ability to concentrate and react, or vision training.

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Mike is a qualified PE teacher and teaches in a high school in Manchester.

Mike Eade currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in Kickboxing and has experience in Boxing, Judo and Kung Fu. He runs both the Stockport and Dukinfield clubs.

Since 2002, Mike has competed in well over 60 tournaments and shows around the country and represented England at 8 World Championships where he has won numerous silver and bronze medals. Mike has also competed in several of the "Clash of the Titans" team events.

Other titles include WKA, WKC and EMA British titles and FSK gold medals. Mike has also coached numerous fighters to British and international titles including 2 World Champions.

Tournament Record

WKC World Champion (LC) - 2012
WKC British Silver (LC) - 2012

Warriors team member, Clash of the Titans - 2011
WKC World Bronze (points fighting) - 2011
WAKO British Bronze (LC) - 2011
WKC British Bronze (points fighting) - 2011

WKC World silver medal (LC) - 2010
WKC British Champion (LC) - 2010

WKC World Silver medal (LC) - 2009
WKC World Silver medal (points fighting) - 2009
WKC British Champion (LC) - 2009
Clash of the Titans team - 2009

WKA World Silver medal (Kumite) - 2008
WKA World Bronze medal (LC) - 2008
WKA British Silver medal (LC) - 2008
EMA British Champion (LC) - 2008
Clash of the Titans team - 2008

Clash of the Titans team 2nd place - 2007

WKA British Silver medal (LC) - 2006

WKA World Bonze medal (LC) - 2005
WKA British Champion (LC) - 2005
WKA British Champion (LC) - 2005
Clash of the Titans - 2006, 2005

WKA British Champion (LC) - 2004
EMA British Champion (LC) - 2004

WKA British Silver medal (LC) - 2003


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