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Kyle Howarth - Speedway Rider
Workington Comets / Coventry Bees

Twitter: @Kyle_Howarth

Kyle Howarth, born 11th February 1994 in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, England.

Kyle, who has lived in Ashton-under-Lyne all his life has grown up at Olympic Sports Gym under Mick Clegg. Training regularly throughout his life Kyle has benefited from Mick's forward thinking and expertise in giving elite athletes the edge in competitive sport especially in the speed / reaction area. The Olympic Sports Gym is based in Ashton-Under-Lyne in an old mill. The gym is based on 2 floors, the top floor comprising a huge well equipped gym with a huge amount of gym equipment including free weights, cardio, as well as specialist equipment for power lifters and strongmen including atlas stones. The lower floor incorporates the S.P.I. lab run by Mick which contains the cutting edge speed / reaction area including the D2, Core-Tex and NeuroTracker.

In August 2012 Workington Comets announced they would be without star reserve rider Kyle Howarth for the rest of the season after his injury at the 50-40 loss at Newcastle on Sunday 29th July 2012. Kyle had fractured three bones in his wrist and one in his back. But Kyle. taking advantage of Mick's specialist training was back on full throttle within weeks of the injury.

Following an immaculate 18 point, 6 ride maximum, Kyle Howarth discusses his return to the Comets from injury
Kyle Howarth has been confirmed as Workington Comets’ third signing for 2013. The Mancunian teenager enjoyed a sensational season in 2012, regularly recording double figure scores from reserve but co-promoter Laura Morgan said he would start 2013 in the main body of the team.

COVENTRY sprang a major surprise over the winter when they confirmed the signing of Kyle Howarth, one of Great Britain’s best prospects for the future.

Coventry Bees SpeedwayCoventry Bees Speedway

The Manchester-born rider had previously been expected to line up for parent club Poole, but was in fact the subject of a full transfer to his Premier League side Workington and agreed a deal to double-up with the Bees. Howarth first took part in speedway in July 2008 and began competing in the British Under-15 Championships whilst also securing a National League team place with Scunthorpe the following year.

His debut at that level confirmed his rich promise with paid-15 for the Saints against Weymouth, and he won the final round of the Under-15 series, finishing second overall to Ashley Morris. He then joined Bournemouth (Poole) on a full contract for 2010 and gained Premier League outings for Somerset after an impressive display to finish third in the British Under-18 Championship at the Oak Tree Arena. Howarth rode for his local club Belle Vue in the 2011 National League and picked up a Premier League team place with Edinburgh, whilst later in that campaign he was added to the senior Belle Vue squad as No.8.

In 2012 he spent a brief spell doubling-up with King’s Lynn before securing a regular berth with Poole, whilst moving to Workington in the Premier League – and he made a remarkable recovery from back and wrist injuries in a late-July crash which initially looked set to rule him out for the rest of the season. Howarth returned to Workington and Poole for 2013 but surprisingly lost his place with the Pirates as part of a series of team changes, and was quickly snapped up by Swindon with whom he collected several impressive scores.

He made a terrific guest appearance for the Bees in the final Elite League fixture of the season against King’s Lynn at Brandon, scoring paid-11, and the campaign also saw him finish on the rostrum in the British Under-21 Final for a second successive year in runners-up place, one spot higher than in 2012. That also led to appearances in the World series, where he scored ten points at Berwick.

In 2014 he remains with Workington at Premier League level and should prove to be an exciting new signing for the Bees.

 Kyle Howarth featured in the April 2012 issue of Speedway Star Magazine
Speedway Star April 2012 CoverSpeedway Star April 2012 CoverTime right for Kyle?

Up-and-coming Kyle Howarth is a man in form and will be looking to make it count in next week's British Under 21 Final

There is a new venue and, unless Joe Haines repeats his 2010 success, there will be a new name on the championship trophy at the British under 21 final on Tuesday. The list of past winners is impressive and includes Tai Woffinden, Edward Kennett, Lewis Bridger, Joe Screen, Scott Nicholls, Mark Loram and Simon Stead. Winning the championship is no guarantee to bigger and better times but it's certainly an accolade worth pocketing as it also paves the way for entry into the world under 21 championship.

If current form is an indication in what appears to be an evenly balanced lineup, Workington's Kyle Howarth will be amongst the fancied candidates.

The 18 year old Manchurian who scored nine points in the Lakeside state final last year, has hit a raft of big scores in his first full season in the Premier league with Workington. "The meeting is coming at a fairly good time for me though I haven't given it a lot of thought just yet", he concluded when speaking less than two weeks before the event. "What works for me is to take each meeting at it comes. I would rather focus on the meeting in hand than think too far ahead."

"At this stage of my career. Every meeting is a big one because I am both learning my craft and tried to establish myself in the sport. It sounds blasé to say that I would treated as any of the meeting, but that's pretty much how it is. My preparations would be done the same as it always is and then my real concentration and focus hits in during the day."

"Being seeded through to the final means you don't have to do the qualifying rounds, so I haven't given it much thought. I knew it is a biggie, and I want to win as much as the next man – but I'm not the sort that gets wound up about meeting a week or so before because that just doesn't work for me."

A former youth grass track and Moto – cross rider, Howarth started Speedway in 2008, and his ability and talent rose to the top very quickly. He raised in the National League with Scunthorpe but showed his willingness to learn by joining Bournemouth and despite an affinity with the local Belle Vue, signed a contract with Poole.

Last season saw him for the Belle Vue Colts side with an average in excess of 10, as well as nudging five points and meeting for Premier league Edinburgh before full-time switch to the Comets for the current campaign.

"Last season was great for me in terms of learning but the traveling to Edinburgh each week proved too much in the end", he went on. "It's a great club and I loved my time once I was there. But it's a four hour trip each way and with my dad, who acts as a mechanic for me, working as well, it all got a bit too much. I'd always say to myself that if I topped the national league averages, I would go full-time Premier league and that's what's happened. I had that in mind and when Workington came in for me that was just perfect for me".

"I am okay on the small tracks and you have to know all about turning a bike and all that, but I love the buzz and the thrill of the high speeds of the bigger tracks and join in Workington, which is just a couple of hours away, has worked out really well. I went out to Australia for the winter and that worked a treat. I rode half a dozen meetings or so against some good Aussie lights and managed to win the Queensland under 21 championship, which was just brilliant".

"Again, I was riding big tracks and had a good time but something about the way I ride the bike just seemed to click for me over the winter. It takes time for everything – whether it be the way you ride the bike, your preparation, relaxing, or even eating and sleeping to create a complete package – to come together and I'm feeling a bit closer to that all the time. The big plan for me so far this year is that I have a smile on my face and I'm really enjoying the racing and going to meetings".

"We have a good team and laugh and joke with Jacko (Tony Jackson) and Keith (Denham) and there is nothing better than going to work with a smiling face, no matter what job you do. Don't get me wrong, I've long way to go just yet, but I feel I am learning more about regionalising myself, get on the bike sorted and ready for any extra meetings that crop up, the way I exercise and pace myself in trying to get some form of lifestyle balance, the income and expenditure of trying to balance the books and so on. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to get right in order for what the public and your teammates see to come right as well."

Kyle HowarthKyle Howarth"I want to be racing abroad as well as racing in this country but I also want to make sure that when I start doing that sort of thing. I am in the right position to do the job right. If you're going to do something, the least you can do is give yourself a decent chance of doing it right. I'm lucky to have good people around me both in the workshop under the tracks. That trips into the good relationship I have with Workington and I couldn't be with a better club than Poole."

"Matt Ford (Poole promoter) takes a huge interest in what I am doing and it makes a massive difference to think that he can find time to pick up the phone and speak to me when he has all that going on down there. It's great.

"Now I just linked with Kings Lynn and its seems to get better and better. Another big track and another great promotion – onlookers so forward to whatever meetings they can offer me."

Switching back to the under 21 final, Howarth, who has just finished runner-up to Jerran Hart in the 2009 British under 18 championship and third behind Brendan Johnson and Jill Jacobs. The following year, concluded: "the first job is getting through to the final and then it's all down to those last four laps. That's where you need to hold your nerve and hope that you and the bike up to the job. You live and learn throughout the meeting but those four laps and really what count."

"I know there are world under 21 rounds for some afterwards and I imagine the team managers would be also looking ahead to the world team under 21 later in the season. If I stop to think about it, I'd have to say the sort of incentives that will spur all others on in the meeting but right now that is in the future as far as I'm concerned my job focus would be on doing the job in hand first."


Poster Kyle Howarth presented to OSG after training with the CleggsPoster Kyle Howarth presented to OSG after training with the Cleggs

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