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Taekwondo Champion Aaron Cook


Aaron Cook wins Gold at Taekwondo Dutch Open March 2014


01 February 2014

Congratulation to Aaron Cook for reclaiming the
world ranking Number 1 in Taekwondo (-80kg).
Well deserved.

The History of Aaron Cook and Mick Clegg

Aaron Cook includes former Manchester United strength & conditioning coach Mick Clegg in his training routine. Mick is based in his SPI Lab in the Fitlight Center, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester. Aaron is currently competing in various open championships and we will post his results below as we get them.

Since mid 2011 Mick has had the unique opportunity to train another Elite Athlete, the Taekwondo Gold medalist Aaron Cook. In June 2011 it was confirmed medal hopeful Aaron Cook, the 20-year-old European -80kg gold medallist and former world No 1, had resigned from the World Class Performance programme, opting to pursue his own training schedule outside the guidance of GB Taekwondo. Aaron, already holding several gold medals, left team GBs coaching programme in June to undertake his own training regime. He told the BBC that "Everyone was great over there, the coaching staff the other fighters and they've had some tremendous results down at the World Championships so it shows that the programme works, but it's not for everyone - so I've got to go down my own path now."

When Aaron left the official training programme, one of the people approached as a possible trainer was the former Manchester United coach Mick Clegg. Aaron approached Mick when both had featured in the same issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. Mick began his part of Aaron's training in July 2011 at his Olympic Sports Gym complex in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester. During the extensive workout devised by Mick, not only does it incorporate the usual gym routine, Aaron also uses the advanced S.P.I. laboratory equipment including the FitLight, NeuroTracker and Coretex in his training routine.

Taekwondo Aaron Cook trains on the fitlight at Mick Clegg's SPI Lab

During the first few months after teaming up with Mick, Aaron went on to win Gold at Costa Rican Open in August 2011. Then the 20 year old Power Rangers fan won another gold medal in October 2011 at the British International Taekwondo Championships beating the competition to first place. Aaron continued winning with a GOLD at the 2012 US Open in February, and in late March 2012 another Gold at Belgium Open among others. Mick says Aaron's gold medals in Taekwondo are superb, Aaron and he have a fantastic training relationship. 

Taekwondo Aaron Cook and Trainer Mick Clegg

Mick Clegg, holding a trophy, plus the 7 medals  won in the first 9 months of working with Aaron and the rest of the team. 

"Since implementing my own Taekwondo training programme with the OSG team at the S.P.I. lab, in conjunction with Mick's training ideas, his training methodology along with the unique S.P.I. apparatus has become a vital and integral part of my effort to become the Best Taekwondo Player in the World.

After starting my training with Mick at the Olympic Sports Gym and the S.P.I. lab I have improved my concentration skills and peripheral awareness, which hopefully over the next 100 days will give me the added edge needed to win Gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I'd like to thank Mick and all at Olympic Sports Gym for all the help and support they have given me. The unique equipment in the S.P.I. lab has been a key factor in my continued success and I look forward to many more years continued success together."
Aaron Cook

During the preparations for the run up to the 2012 Olympics Mick featured in Sky Sports News article about Aaron cook and his training regime. Below is Mick's part in that feature from Sky Sports News TV

See the full interview with Aaron on the OSG YouTube channel HERE

The Maverick & The Master

Taekwondo Aaron Cook and Trainer Mick Clegg feature in the UK Muscle & Fitness Magazine Taekwondo expert Aaron Cook and power training coach Mick Clegg formed an unlikely alliance last year after they both appeared in the same edition of Muscle & Fitness.  Since then Mick’s methods have helped Aaron win nine tournaments, including the European Championships, and taken him to number one in the world.  

Mick invited M&F to his gym in Ashton-Under-Lyne to witness one of their workouts shortly before the row over Aaron’s Olympic selection flared up.

Catch the full interview HERE

Aaron was a strong contender for the 2012 Olympic Games Taekwondo event but after he was not selected for the 2012 Olympics Aaron took a break to consider his options. At the end of June after deciding not to fight the decision made by the selection committee Aaron went public to verify his position and to confirm he would not be accepting the position of first reserve. 

Aaron Cook is devastated he was not selected to represent his home country at the 2012 Olympics

Taekwondo world number one Aaron Cook has given up on a legal challenge to try and overturn his omission from the British team for the London Olympics, citing "prohibitive financial implications". "After careful consideration over the last few weeks, and despite my representatives advising me that I still had a good chance of successfully overturning the BOA's ratification of Great Britain Taekwondo's decision not to select me for London 2012, I have decided not to take my case against the BOA to the High Court," Cook said.

"In the best interests of Team GB, I have decided not to take up the offer to be first reserve for London 2012," added the statement from the -80kg European champion and world number one in the category. "I wish all of the athletes the very best of luck - that includes Lutalo Muhammad.

"The Olympics, and especially a home Olympics, would have been the pinnacle of my career. I feel totally devastated." Cook was left out of the British team after Muhammad, European champion in a heavier non-Olympic weight category, was preferred. The decision triggered accusations that the selection was politically motivated and a punishment for Cook, who left British Taekwondo's performance programme last year to train separately.

It was after this Aaron took time away to decide his next step and in December announced publicly that he was changing his allegiance to the Isle of Man and he became what is known as a "Manxman". In a statement he said "I'm going to be fighting for Isle of Man at world championships, European championships and all the open competitions," Cook told Sky Sports News. "I think it's a fantastic opportunity for me and will allow me to still compete for Great Britain at the Olympic Games, which I've wanted. Now we can look forward."

The world No.1 Aaron Cook has changed his allegiance from Great Britain to the Isle of Man

Aaron Cook will now fight in the European and world championships under a Manx flag after he followed through on his promise to switch his allegiance after being left out of the GB team for London 2012 in favour of Lutalo Muhammad ranked world No.59, even though Aaron was ranked world No.1 at the time.

In joining the Isle of Man Aaron now fights with the Taekwondo Association of Isle of Man but in March 2013 British Taekwondo tried to stop Aaron Cook from competing. After looking into the complaint the WTF interceded and declared that Aaron was in fact eligible and able to represent Isle Of Man. Since then Aaron has continued to win more competitions including Gold and the Belgium 2013 open and the Spanish 2013 open.



Aaron Cook Sky Sports News Exclusive

An exclusive chat with Aaron Cook a week on from his decision to switch allegiance to the Isle of Man.


British Taekwondo try to stop Aaron Cook from competing.

8TH March 2013

Aaron Cook, the European champion from Dorset who left the British Taekwondo system last year, has found that the organisation he turned his back on has attempted to block his defection to the Isle of Man. Cook had intended to compete at the German Open in Hamburg this weekend. However, he was informed in January that the British federation had alerted the German organisers to articles in the international rulebook that prevented him from doing so. The organisers in Hamburg said that he was therefore ineligible to compete.

A prime reason for his electing to represent the Isle of Man was because it does not classify as a different sovereign state. He would be switching to a different associate member of the WTF, not a different nation. For a final binding resolution, the WTF requested input from all sides. The response from British Taekwondo included two suggestions: that the IOMTA becomes a member of British Taekwondo, or that the WTF simply de-recognises the IOMTA.

The WTF rejected both of them and declared that Cook will be eligible for the Isle of Man. Cook has competed twice as a Manxman and won one of those competitions.

Aaron is now in full swing with his competition schedule with the IoM Taekwondo Association. Aaron is going from strength to strength and as well as the competitions, Aaron also now holds regular seminars and coaching lessons to pass on his skills to other aspiring Taekwondo hopefuls. Aaron still trains with Mick at his SPI lab even though he is now based in the Isle Of Man.

Using the vibro plate to activate the muscle fibers for fine motor control, Aaron goes on to do hand to eye co-ordination with ball throwing while using the core-tex and catching under the watchful eye of Mick Clegg.

Here Aaron is seen using the core-tex to balance while using the D2 Speed reaction board.


Aaron Cook using the core-tex again for balance whilst using the Neuro Tracker. This piece of specialist equipment is for brain cognition training that focuses on the brain being used for athletic performance. "Aaron Cook has over 100 sessions on these systems and we believe it has given him the edge over his competitors. With the other apparatus and training methods in the SPI Lab we believe it has helped him to win the 8 gold medals in international open competitions during the last 9 months we have been working together" Mick Clegg

Aaron Cook News & Results

 World Taekwondo Grand Prix
Suzhou, China
06 July 2014

Aaron Cook has won gold in the -80kg category at the Olympic ranking internationals.
This means the 23-year-old will now be world number one when the next rankings are announced.

Russia's Albert Gaun, received a controversial penalty in the dying seconds to give Cook a 4-3 win.

This result gives Aaron his sixth gold in a row.

Austrian WTF Open G1
Innsbruck - Austria
31 May 2014

Aaron Cook once again storms to victory with yet another Gold!

5 Tournaments in a row in 2014!
20th match win!

R32 Dinko Segedin (Croatia) 13-2
R16 Gianni Guglielmo (Italy) 14-2
Quater Final Ivan Karajlovic (Serbia) 7-1
Semi Final - Tor Waage (Norway) 12-0
Final - Yunus Sari (Turkey) 6-5

Baku, Azerbaijan
Aaron Cook - European Champion 2014.

Aaron Cook claims his third successive -80kg European Taekwondo crown with a golden-point victory against GB Damon Sansum.

3rd May 2014

Moldova 15-3
Italy 14-13
France 14-2
Great Britain Golden Score (12-12)
Win on Golden Point

Aaron Cooks wins GOLD at the Taekwondo Dutch Open

15 March 2014

Aaron won all rounds including beating GBs Olympic selected Lutalo Muhammad in Eindhoven.

Norway 16-2
Australia 6-3
Poland 2-1
Belarus 8-0
and Great Britain's Lutalo 10-8 in the Final!!

Aaron Cook wins Gold at Taekwondo Dutch Open March 2014


Aaron wins Gold in Bahrain

Sixth Bahrain International Open Taekwondo Championship

As number 1 seed received a bye in round of 16!
The quarter final was Uzbekistan but they withdrew.
The semi final was Kazhakstan 13-1 stoppage in the 3rd round.
The final was against Team GB Damon Sansum.
Victory with another high scoring contest 23-14!

Aaron Cooks wins Gold at Bahrain International Open Taekwondo Championship 2014


Aaron Cooks wins another Gold


5th - 6th OCTOBER 2013


Once again Aaron Cook defies the odds to take yet another Gold at this weekends Costa Rica open event.

Match Results were:




Aaron also went on to win "Best Male Fighter Award" again.


20th - 22nd SEPTEMBER 2013


Aaron Cook, claimed gold at the Pan-American Open in Mexico over the weekend.

Putting in a series of dominant performances, Aaron went on not only to win Gold but also the best fighter award

This victory also brought him ten world ranking points, and five points towards Rio 2016.

Match Results were:

Mexico 15-3

Canada 16-4

USA 14-5

Final against Costa Rica 12-3


2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships

2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships

Puebla, Mexico

15 - 21 July 2013

Aaron goes out in his first match, loosing a controversial 13 - 11 match to Piotr Pazinski.


09 June 2013

Aaron wins BRONZE

WTF G1 Official Ranking Tournament - Swiss Open on 8th - 9th June 2013 at Lausanne, Switzerland

Round 1 - Aaron Cook beats Daniel Ros Gomez of Spain 5 - 3

Round 2 - Another win this time against Piotr Pazinski of Poland 7 - 5

Round 3 - Aaron wins again in a close battle with Bartosz Kolecki of Poland 7 - 6

Round 4 (Semi final) - Aaron Cook looses 6-8 to Guelec of Germany after video protest deducted his head shot

Aaron Cook wins bronze with a 9 - 6 win  against Tahir Gulec


4th May 2013

Aaron Cook takes Taekwondo Gold again, this time at the Spanish Open.

In the final Manxman Aaron Cook beats Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain 11-4 to win Gold again. Garcia Hemme, Olympic silver medalist, has fought Aaron three times previously and Aaron has beaten him on each occasion. This gave Aaron a good idea of his fighting style, but each of those times were on Aaron's home ground. This time he fought Garcia Hemme in Spain on Garcia Hemme's home turf, Aaron stood his ground and managed a comfortable win to gain Gold again. During this competition Aaron did an amazing two knock-out kicks, one against Gomez (Spain) and the other against Ordemann (Norway). 

round 5 Final - Aaron Cook (Isle Of man - Manxman) vs Nicolas Garcia Hemme (Spain) - Result WIN 11-4

round 4 Aaron Cook (Isle Of man - Manxman) vs Daniel Ros Gomez (Spain) - Result WIN 9-3

round 3 Aaron Cook (Isle Of man - Manxman) vs Yunis Sari (Turkey) - Result WIN 8-1

round 2 Aaron Cook (Isle Of man - Manxman) vs Richard Andre Ordemann (Norway) - Result WIN 14-1

round 1 Against Sweden - Result WIN 10-2

Match Videos




7th April 2013

Aaron Cook wins his 3rd Belgium Open with another gold medal.

wins over Switzerland 7-1,

Bosnia and Herzegovina 18-4,

Canada 4-1,

11-6 in the semis against Tunisia

 6-2 win over Stojan Rabijac of Serbia in final!

10th February 2013

Congratulations to Aaron Cook winning Taekwondo Gold plus win the Isle of Man's first A Class Title. A well deserved win at the Trelleborg Open 2013 in the final against Armin Gredic BIH 15-3.

Aaron said "The Isle of Man Taekwondo Association is great to be part of, full of volunteers giving up their time and money for its members, it's an honour to win the Isle of Man's first A Class Title!!"

After Final at Trelleborg Open 2013!!

Aaron Cook (now World Ranking Number 1) is European Taekwondo Champion 2012

European Championship Seniors 2012
Seniors Male A -80 (Welter)
Manchester, Great Britain
Competition date: Saturday 05 May 2012
Active competitors: 24  

Results -

Aaron Won 1st match 13-11 Against Sawadogo France

He defeated Gulec from Germany 5-3

Defeated Garcia Hemme (Spain) 10-8

final Vs Azizov (World Ranking number 1)

Congratulations to Aaron Cook on securing Gold at European Taekwondo Championships 2012 , what a fantastic match and had the opposition on the run literally!  

see the final 3 seconds of the fight HERE


About Aaron

Aaron Arthur Cook, born 2 January 1991 in Dorchester, Dorset, England.

He got into Taekwondo because he loved the Power Rangers as a 4-5 year old, so his mum and dad found him a local Taekwondo club in Dorchester .

Aaron Cook, 20, the current British International Taekwondo Champion and one of the UK'S strongest contenders for a gold medal at London 2012 Olympics, is the only person outside of the TV show to wear the iconic red suit and the first ever honorary member of the Power Rangers.

Aaron competed in taekwondo for Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He finished 5th but became World Ranked No 1 in the -80kg category in June 2010 having won gold at the European Championships. 

He remained World No 1 until June 2011, he is unable to compete for points at the 2012 Olympic Qualification competition's (as host Nation Great Britain get automatic qualification) but is hopeful good performances at Open Competitions and 2012's European Championships and Olympic Games will see him regain his No1 Crown.

Having taken victory at the Senior European Championships in May, getting revenge on Mauro Sarmiento (who denied Cook a medal in the Beijing Olympics) in the quarter finals, Cook (19 years old) went on to add the under 21 edition later in the year. He add's these medals to the Junior and Cadet titles held previously. This makes him the first competitor ever to win European Gold in every possible age group.

Senior European Championships (2010 – Russia)
Under 21 European Championships (2010 – Ukraine)
Junior European Championships (2007 – Azerbaijan)
Cadet European Championships (2005 – Italy)

AMBITION: To be recognised as one of best Taekwondo players of all time.


Visit the Official Aaron Cook website HERE

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