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"This website is a personal compendium of my life that has come to realisation. My experience, family, hopes and dreams have all lead me to here. It is dedicated to athletes and coaches who are looking to find the "secrets " for cognitive and speed development that has been tried and tested over many years, influenced by the latest research and developed with the help of my family, friends, plus the athletes and coaches I have been associated with."  Mick Clegg

Mick Clegg, the father and head of the Clegg family, has been in the fitness business since he was 18 and has never looked back. His drive and enthusiasm has been the focal point throughout his life and career, and it is something that has also greatly influenced his children. Mick was the Manchester United Power Development coach between 2000-2011. During that time at Manchester United football club, Mick worked and trained with some of the top footballers in the world. Amongst those he was privileged to work with were Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Gary Neville and Darren Fletcher. It was working with these amazing athletes that Mick had the chance to work on his passion for speed within athletics. In fact, it was Mick that brought the Cognisens cognitive training aid "NeuroTracker", or what is more commonly called the Cave, to Manchester United. This was to embarked him on his epic seed of speed journey.

The Seed Of Speed Philosophy by Mick Clegg

"As a non-athlete myself I never really looked at sports skill for each sport, because I felt coaches in that sport would always have more experience and the OBSERVING EYE than myself. Having my own gym I was first interested in strength, then realised using overload training principle, how easy that it was to nurture, along with it endurance and flexibility – ALL very important aspects of most sports, but what interested me most was SPEED."

Mick Clegg


Meet the Family
At the time Mick wasn't the only one at Manchester United, his sons Mike and Stephen also part of the club, in the youth system. Stephen retired early from football playing, though Mike went on to play and score in the first team before eventually hanging up his own boots and joining his father in the coaching industry working at Sunderland AFC. Though Stephen had retired from playing football, it did not stop him from joining his father at the club, helping out on the coaching side. Mark, the eldest son was, in his own right, competing and winning in weightlifting competitions worldwide before he turned his hand to strongman. Shaun, the youngest of the family, also embarked on the Olympic weightlifting path that would see him win Gold many time, break many records and in 2014, join the Commonwealth Games GB weightlifting team. Even Amanda, the only daughter of the family, is an accomplished weightlifter in her own right before she herself turned her hand to personal training and became a coach and trainer as well as manageress of the Olympic Sports Gym.


Top Athletes train with Mick's Seed of Speed Philosophy


John O'SheaJohn O'Shea


Lewis BuxtonLewis Buxton


What Manchester United players said about S&C Coach Mick Clegg

Nicky ButtNicky Butt

"Having worked with and trusted Mick for over a decade, I have no hesitation in recommending him to any athlete or aspiring athlete"

Paul ScholesPaul Scholes

"Working with Mick for many years, using his various methods and techniques has helped me get to the top of my game  and he keeps me there!"

Darren FletcherDarren Fletcher

"I shall be doing weights and build up my stamina and push on next year. I am filling out slowly but surely. Our weights man, Mick Clegg says my physique may not look that strong but to play against me is a different story and a few of the players have said that"

Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney

"When there was football on the telly, it was horrible to watch. I just wanted to be back playing. The fitness coach at United [Mike Clegg], who I was working with every day, was pushing me hard. He wanted to get the best out of me. I'm grateful for that"



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